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As Japanese businesses expand into North American markets, there is a growing demand for translations from Japanese into English or from English into Japanese. With Vedia Translations, you don’t have to let language get in the way of business. Vedia Translations works with highly skilled and trained translators to ensure an accurate translation for all your important Japanese and English documents.

The secret of our Japanese translations

There are currently 130 million Japanese speakers globally and the language has become crucial in business since the 1980s, when Japanese technology first became a major export. Today, Japanese is a major language of business and technology. However, translating documents from English to Japanese and from Japanese to English does present some challenges.

Japanese has many dialects, and some, such asTsushima, are significantly different than others. A translator fluent in one Japanese dialect may not be able to faithfully translate a document in another dialect. Further, Japanese culture and grammar are significantly different from English language and from North American culture. A translator cannot simply translate Japanese or English text word by word. Entire sentences need to be re-ordered in order to accommodate different notions of syntax and grammar. In addition, some Japanese words change depending on context. As well, idioms and cultural differences must be respected.

Finally, Japanese has two writing styles: the desu/masu style and the da/dearu style. When translating documents from English to Japanese or from Japanese into English, it is important to keep these styles in mind. When translating from English into Japanese, especially, it is important to select the right writing style for the tone of the document. The da/dearu style, for example, is used to create a professional tone while the desu/masu style is used to create a polite and friendly tone.

Vedia Translations understands and respects these translation challenges, which is why Vedia Translations is able to provide accurate and faithful English to Japanese and Japanese to English translations. The secret is that Vedia Translations works with highly skilled translators who are university-educated and certified as well as native English speakers. Vedia Translations also works with Japanese translators who are familiar with various dialects and with both the desu/masu style and the da/dearu style, ensuring the highest quality translations possible. Vedia Translations believes that translations help us bridge not only language differences but also all differences that form barriers to business and communication. We have made it our mission to eliminate those barriers with professional and accurate translations that let you communicate with style and ease.

Appreciating The Vedia Translations Difference

If you have Japanese and English documents to translate, Vedia Translations appreciates that there are many services and translation agencies you can select. However, Vedia Translations has worked to develop a translation company and a translation system with a difference. We offer:

  • Highly skilled translators. Vedia Translations works with trained and experienced translators only. All our translators are university-educated, native language speakers, and highly skilled.
  • A strict deadline policy. We understand that translations need to be completed in a timely fashion, which is why we offer an on-time and no-hassle policy, to ensure that you get your translation when you need it.
  • A quality control system. Each Vedia Translations project goes through a proofreading, editing, and quality control process to ensure a seamless translation.
  • A special system for industry documents. Specialist documents are handled by translators with extensive experience in that area of expertise.
  • A commitment to security. All translators with Vedia Translations work with an understanding of the complete security and confidentiality of every project. As well, every project at Vedia Translations is stored on secure servers to protect private information.
  • Exemplary customer service. You can always reach a member of the Vedia Translations team to discuss your project or to ask questions. We reply to all questions and customer communications in a timely manner.
  • The resources to handle virtually any Japanese to English and English into Japanese translations. Vedia Translations can easily handle translation projects of any size and any complexity. No project is too large or too small.

At Vedia Translations, Quality Counts

Vedia Translations is a quality translation agency; Canada and the world can rely on us for all translation needs. The difference is that we see translations not as one word after another but as a vital tool. We know that those legal documents could be vital to a case or those translations of immigration documents could mean a family reunited. We treat all our translation projects and clients with the utmost respect, always recognizing the ways that an accurate translation can enhance a life.

About Vedia Translations….

Vedia Translations is situated in Ottawa / Gatineau, but is a translation company for a large global marketplace. Through online work, we often accept translation projects from clients around the world. Clients are attracted by our array of services, which include translation services, translation project management, two-way translation services, terminology management, desk-top publishing, formatting and other translation related services. We specialize in translation into and from French, English, German, Chinese, Spanish, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Russian, and Japanese, although we have the resources to translate from and into just about any language. If you have a document you would like translated, contact Vedia Translations today to find out how we can help.

For translation services, Ottawa and Gatineau’s translation leader, Vedia Translations, offers the professional translations and customer service that really make a difference. If you need a translation from Japanese to English or English into Japanese, contact Vedia Translations today to discuss your needs. Or, get a quick quote for your project by calling (819) 743-3293 or emailing Vedia Translations.