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Russian to English

Russian to English Translation with the Professional Touch

Vedia Translations is a leader in Russian into English and English into Russia translations. Our team of skilled native language speaking translators is the secret behind our success. Our translators are carefully selected, trained, and vetted to provide our clients with the highest quality Russian translations possible. If you have important documents you need translated, you can trust Vedia Translations for professional translation services.

For professional quality, trust Vedia Translations

If you need fast, reliable, and accurate translations, you can trust Vedia Translations. Vedia Translations specializes in complex, technical, and high-volume translations on short deadlines. We are always up for a challenge and can ensure that your translation project gets a high priority from our skilled translators.

The Vedia Translations Process

Your Russian into English or English into Russian translation project with Vedia Translations begins when you contact us to discuss your translation needs. We reply in a timely fashion and listen to your needs. You can work with our team to come up with the budget and level of service you need for your project. Vedia Translations can also provide you with a quick quote for your project. With transparent pricing and no hidden fees, Vedia Translations makes it easy to stick with your budget.

The next step of your Russian into English or English into Russian translation project involves our translators. Vedia Translations works with highly skilled and certified translators, so that we can always find the right translator for your project. If your document is specialized or technical, we find a Russian translator with that specialty. For example, all Russian legal documents are translated by translators with legal experience. This helps ensure that your documents are translated professionally and seamlessly.

At Vedia Translations, we take steps to keep your translation project secure. Our translators sign confidentiality agreements to keep your private information private and your project is stored on secure servers to ensure your complete security and peace of mind. We treat your documents with the same care and expect we treat our confidential information.

If at any point you have questions about your translation project, help is only an email or phone call away. You can always call our offices to discuss your project or email us for a fast response. Since we are based in the Gatineau/Ottawa area, it is easy to reach us during standard North American business hours. We reply quickly to all queries and questions, which is reflective of the high regard with which we treat your project and your business.

Once our translators have translated your documents from English into Russian or from Russian into English, your translations go through a rigorous editing, proofreading, and quality control process. The aim of this process is simple: to eliminate any and all errors in order to produce a clean and professional translation for you. While all translations go through this process, however, Vedia Translations specializes in on-time delivery of translations. Our services are speedy, even though we never scrimp corners by skipping editing and quality control. The result of our time-tested process is simple: An accurate and reliable translation that you can be proud of.

Vedia Translations Quality

For Vedia Translations, translations are an art, a science, and the key to communication. We take translations very seriously, which is why Vedia Translations works to provide translations that are accurate on three levels:

  1. Language
  2. Culture
  3. Industry

In addition to ensuring that we get the language right – including grammar, idioms, syntax, and meaning — Vedia Translations works to ensure that we get the culture right. That is, we work to make your translations true and accurate to both Russian and North American culture. At the same time, at Vedia Translations we work to make our translations industry-accurate. That is, if you need to translate business documents from English into Russian or from Russian into English, the translator working on you project will have experience with business in your specific industry, to ensure an absolutely accurate translation. At Vedia Translations, we understand that one wrong word in a translation is enough to invalidate a contract or enough to cause an immigration application to be rejected. Inaccurate translations can have a significant impact on lives, which is why Vedia Translations works so hard to provide the most reliable translations possible.

About Vedia Translations….

Based in in Ottawa / Gatineau, Vedia Translations is a Canadian translation service with a global presence. We provide a host of services to global corporate, government, legal, and individual clients, including translation project management, translation services, terminology management, two-way translations, desk-top publishing, formatting and other translation related services. Our translators specialize in French, English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Ukrainian, Portuguese, and Russian, but we have the resources to translate documents in virtually any language. Contact us today with your project details and we will develop a plan to meet your needs. When it comes to translation services, Ottawa and Gatineau are proud to have Vedia Translations, a professional translation agency catering to a global market.

If you need a translation from Russian to English or English into Russian, contact Vedia Translations at (819) 743-3293 or via email. We are always happy to discuss your needs or to offer a quick and reliable quote. No project is too daunting for Vedia Translations, so no matter what your translation needs, we can help you reach your communication goals.