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German to English - Vedia Translations
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German to English

German to English Translation with the Professional Touch

If you have documents you would like translated from German into English or from English into German, you don’t just want a translation – you want to see results that help you reach your goals. If you are translating business documents, you want translations that help you land the deal. If you need legal documents translated, you want a faithful translation that helps your case. Vedia Translations understands that, which is why the Vedia Translations team works with only the best translators possible to help you with accurate translations that help you reach your goals. Plus, since time is often important in translations, Vedia Translations has an on-time, no-hassle policy, ensuring that your translations are done professionally and completed when you need them.

How Vedia Translations is Different.

Today, with the advent of online services, it’s possible to find translation services at every price range and at a variety of skill levels. Vedia Translations has worked hard over the years to establish a service that is unique in a few key regards:

  1. Vedia Translations is completely committed to quality. To that end, we hire only highly skilled and certified translators and subject each translation to quality control, proofreading, and editing processes to create a final translation you can be confident in.
  2. Vedia Translations helps you stay on budget. Vedia Translations offers transparent pricing, fair rates, and no hidden fees. We can work with your budget and your needs to help you reach your goals.
  3. Vedia Translations offers on-time translations. Our large, dedicated staff and our resources allow us to complete projects of all sizes on time. Tight deadlines and large projects don’t faze us!
  4. Vedia Translations offers an array of services, including translation project management, translation services, terminology management, two-way translation services, desk-top publishing, formatting, and customized services for your specific needs.
  5. Vedia Translations treats all our customers and clients with the respect they deserve. We offer honest, speedy quotes, open communication, and fast replies to your queries. If you ever have a question about your translation project, you can easily reach a team member for a quick response to your query.
  6. Vedia Translations pays attention to security. Our clients entrust us with sensitive and personal documents all the time and our methods ensure that private information stays private. We use secure servers and security measures to ensure that your project stays secure at all times.
  7. Vedia Translations specializes in two-way translations in a variety of languages and subjects. Our native English speaking translators are specialty trained in subjects such as business, the law, marketing, immigration matters, and other fields. Vedia Translations offers translation services in French, English, German, Chinese, Spanish, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, and other languages.

Vedia Translations uses skilled and certified translators for all your important German and English documents. Our clients turn to us when they need accurate German into English and English into German translations of business contracts, press releases, transcripts, accounting documents, annual reports, diplomas, personal letters, certificates, immigration documents, legal documents, academic materials, and many other types of documents. Companies, large businesses, and everyday individuals trust Vedia Translations for their translation needs, so you know you can trust us when you need accurate and faithful translations of your important documents.

Don’t trust just anyone with your translation needs

For a quality translation agency, Canada offers Vedia Translations, a professional translation service that you can trust with your German to English and English into German translations. When translations count, you can rely on Vedia Translations to provide you with timely and accurate translations that help you reach your goals.

It may be tempting to use translation software or a cut-rate translation service, but keep in mind that your important documents deserve a careful and accurate translation. Unfortunately, Vedia Translations is often asked to help clients who have paid once for a low-rate translation service and must have their documents translated all over again due to poor translation quality. Don’t let this happen to you: turn to Vedia Translations to get the right translation the first time. As a translation agency in Gatineau, near Ottawa, Vedia Translations works with the best translators possible to help clients with translations that are accurate in language and in culture. We get our idioms, our industry language, and our translations right, so that you get the translation services you deserve.

About Vedia Translations…

Vedia Translations is a translation firm based in Ottawa / Gatineau, offering translation services to corporate and individual clients around the globe. We offer two-way translation into a variety of languages as well as a host of translation and related services. If you have a translation- or language-related project, Vedia Translations can help. If you are looking for translation services, Ottawa and Gatineau-based Vedia Translations are poised to help. Our past clients and customers often praise our work, so that you know that when you entrust your German translations to us you get a high level of quality and service.

Call today to get started with your translation

Vedia Translations has the resources to handle virtually any translation project. From the most complex technical documents to the largest German to English and English to German translations, Vedia Translations can help you get the job done. Call Vedia Translations at (819) 743-3293 today or email us to discuss your project.