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Chinese to English Translation with the Professional Touch

Finding a translations service to translate your documents from or into English can be a challenge. While there are many services online in every price range, you don’t just need a translation; you need a faithful rendering of your legal document, business contract, or other important document. That’s why you need Vedia Translations. Vedia Translations works with only the most experienced and skilled translators, to ensure that your English to Chinese or Chinese to English translation is completed faithfully and correctly – right away.

The challenges of Chinese translations

There are currently some 1.3 billion Chinese speakers in the world. As China grows and develops business relationships with the west, Chinese to English and English to Chinese translations become ever more important. At the same time, however, Chinese translations present a few specific challenges.

Chinese is an old language, and one based on characters rather than letters. Each Chinese character can mean more than one thing and often has subtle connotations as well. Translating documents into Chinese or from Chinese into English requires a vast vocabulary as well as a good knowledge of Chinese culture.

Plus, Chinese is actually not one language but several. Standard Chinese is the most common form of the language used in China but there are also many Mandarin Chinese speakers and speakers of other dialects. If you want an accurate translation of your documents, you need to find a translator who is familiar with the specific dialect or form of Chinese to be translated.

Vedia Translations has been able to successfully overcome these challenges in order to provide a high quality Chinese to English and English to Chinese translation service. The secret is that Vedia Translations works with highly skilled and university-educated translators. In addition, all Vedia Translations translators go through a strict hiring and training process to ensure that they are qualified to translate even the most demanding and technical documents. Vedia Translations is qualified to translate Mandarin, Standard Chinese, and other Chinese documents. We also have the highly trained translators to translate any English documents into Chinese.

Why do you need a translation?

Many Vedia Translations clients need Chinese to English or English into Chinese translations in order to apply for immigration, develop business opportunities, or in order to pursue important personal matters. Whether you want to adopt a child, immigrate, or translate your family’s history, a faithful translation is invaluable. While there are automatic translations programs and cut-rate translation services available, these could cost you more in inaccurate and unusable translations that need to be done over with great delays and costs to you. As well, inaccurate translations in business can hurt your profits while inaccurate medical or legal translations can hurt your health or legal case. Rather than risking your translation, trust Vedia Translations – the translation agency more savvy customers trust for their important document translation needs.

What Makes Vedia Translations’sChinese to English and English into Chinese translation services stand out:

  • All our translators are native English speakers;
  • All our translators have universities or graduate degrees;
  • All our translation projects are subject to strict quality control and editing processes, ensuring an error-free final product;
  • All our translators have additional training in marketing, the law, finances, and other industries, so that if a specific jargon is required for your translation, our translators have it;
  • Our translators are highly fluent in bothChineselanguage as well as Chinese culture, ensuring faithful translations;
  • Vedia Translations has translators skills in Mandarin, Cantonese, and other forms of Chinese, ensuring an accurate translation of your documents;
  • We offer a high level of security for even your most sensitive documents;
  • Our team offers two-way translations in Chinese and other languages, so that no matter how complex your translating project, it can be completed to your exact specifications;
  • Vedia Translations has an on-time, no-hassle policy, ensuring that your translation is completed in a timely manner;
  • Outstanding customer support. Since Vedia Translations is based in the Gatineau area, it is easy to reach a team member during regular North American business hours, whenever you have a question about your translation.For a quality translation agency, Canada has Vedia Translations. Vedia Translations offers an exemplary level of support and an impressive commitment to quality, ensuring a better translation experience.

    How much does quality cost?

    Vedia Translations does not just pay lip-service to quality. Instead, Vedia Translations has always had a strong commitment to quality and we have developed a working definition of translation quality to ensure that all our translations meet the highest standards possible. At Vedia Translations, we believe that a quality translation is faithful to three things:

    1. Language
    2. Culture
    3. Industry

    As a translation agency in Gatineau, near Ottawa, Vedia Translations is familiar with current North American idioms and culture, ensuring that your translations are accurate in language and in culture. All Vedia Translations projects are also handled by native English speakers with extensive language training, ensuring that words and phrases are handled correctly. As well, each of our translators has specialist training in a specific field – such as the law, for example, or business – ensuring that industry terms and concepts are translated in a professional manner.

    About Vedia Translations….

    Vedia Translations is based in Ottawa / Gatineau, but is a translation service providing assistance to global clients. We offer an array of services, including:

  • translation services
  • translation project management
  • terminology management
  • desk-top publishing
  • formattingVedia Translations even customizes services, so if you need some specific help with a project, help is only a phone call or email away.Vedia Translations specializes in two-way translations to and from French, English, Spanish, Ukrainian, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, and other languages. If you are seeking translation services, Ottawa and Gatineau’s Vedia Translations may be the high-quality translation service you seek.

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