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Arabic to English Translation with the Professional Touch

If you have documents you would like translated from Arabic into English or from English into Arabic, trust Vedia Translations for quality translation with less hassle. Vedia Translations hires only professional, trained translators, ensuring that your documents are translated with superlative precision. From crucial documents such as annual reports to college transcripts to legal documents, Vedia Translations can ensure that all your important papers in Arabic are translated faithfully into English.

The secret is our dedication

When you submit your documents for translation, you want to ensure that they are in good hands. With Vedia Translations, they are. Vedia Translations takes great care to screen, train, and work with the best translators available to ensure that your documents are handled with the respect and care they deserve. Don’t entrust your business future to students or non-professionals with dubious language training. Our translators are experienced and fully fluent in both Arabic and English, ensuring a quality translation, free of errors.

VediaTranslations’s clients regularly entrust the Vedia team with important Arabic and English documents, including business contracts, press releases, accounting documents, annual reports, personal letters, legal documents, academic materials, and many other types of documents. The Vedia Translations team simply has the level of expertise you need to for your Arabic documents. Our accurate Arabic to English and English into Arabic translations are completely faithful to the original. Plus, since our we are based in North America, you can always reach project managers or members of our team if you have questions.

What depends on your translation?

Many translation services promise high quality or very low prices, but can you really trust your Arabic to English translation to just any translation agency? Your translation is more than a document. A legal, health, or business matter may well rest on an accurate translation.


  • Getting those business contracts right could affect your profits. Getting accurate personal translations of family letters can help you preserve your family history.
  • Getting faithful translations of college or personal documents could affect your immigration application.
  • Accurate translation of legal documents could make the difference between losing a case and winning.VediaTranslations’s Arabic to English and English into Arabic translation services stand out because Vedia Translations ensures that:
  • All our translators work only in English and are native English speakers, ensuring that no embarrassing mistakes make it into your final translation;
  • All our translators are graduates of universities and some even have graduate degrees;
  • All our translations go through a rigorous editing and quality control process, ensuring that the final product is something you can be proud of;
  • All our translators have specialist training in marketing, the law, finances, and other fields, so that if you need a specific type of document translated from Arabic to English it can be translated by someone who is an expert in Arabic, English, and the specific jargon to that field;
  • Our translators are highly fluent in Arabic and the culture, ensuring that idioms and cultural significance remain intact in your English translations;
  • Our team offers two-way translations in Arabic and a variety of languages, ensuring that even the most complex translating job can be completed easily in-house;For a quality translation agency, Canada can boast Vedia Translations, a translation agency that can also offer:
  • Arabic to English and English into Arabic translations on time, no matter what the size of your project – no projects are too small or too large for Vedia Translations!
  • A strict no-hassle and no-wait policy designed to serve you. With Vedia Translations, you get your translation, not hassles and delays
  • Security – Vedia Translations is able to handle even your sensitive legal and business documents securely. We offer translation services Canada wide for a range of clients, so you know you can trust us.
  • Exemplary support – Vedia Translations knows your documents are important to you, which is why it is always simple to reach a team member to discuss your translation.

    Quality counts…

    You can trust Vedia Translations to deliver a translation that is accurate on three levels:

    1. Language
    2. Culture
    3. Industry

    For example, if you need to have a legal document translated from Arabic to English, Vedia Translations will assign a legal translator of Arabic and English. That person will be fluent in English, Arabic, and the law, ensuring that all legal terms and concepts are translated perfectly. As a translation agency in Gatineau, near Ottawa, we have our pulse on current North American idioms and culture, ensuring that your translations are accurate in language and in culture.

    About Vedia Translations….

    Vedia Translations is a translation firm based in Ottawa / Gatineau, providing services to clients around the globe. We offer two-way translation and translation into and from French, English, German, Chinese, Spanish, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, and other languages. We provide a range of translation services, translation project management, terminology management, desk-top publishing, formatting and other translation related services upon request. We can even customize services for your specific needs. When it comes to translation services, Ottawa and Gatineau can offer Vedia Translations, a translation agency that has built its reputation around quality.

    You don’t want just a translation from Arabic to English or English into Arabic; you want a result. Whether you want a great English-language annual report or an English-language academic document that can take you on the next step in your career, translations affect your life. It’s easy to find low-cost services – but how much could these inaccurate translations end up costing you? Protect your business and your future: trust Vedia Translations for your Arabic to English translations. Our accurate and carefully edited translations can help you with your goals. Working with Vedia Translations means high quality translations, fast turn-around times, and the exemplary customer service you deserve.

    If you need translation services, let us help you communicate with style and accuracy.

    Our team is always at your disposal and waiting to help you reach your goals. Whether you need a translation of a complex technical document or are working on a very tight deadline, Vedia Translations can come through for you. Call us at (819) 743-3293 or email for a quick quote and reply.