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Communicate your message with confidence to markets around the world by calling on the professionals at Vedia Translations to adapt and translate your English documents and other business products into the languages spoken by your customers.   As a Gatineau based company specializing in two-way translation, revision, typesetting and software-localization services, Vedia’s team of skilled translators are a trusted resource for businesses and public-sector organizations in Canada and internationally.   Working from your original English documents and other business products, we translate and adapt your message with care into all major European and Asian languages, including French, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Chinese, including Mandarin and Cantonese, Russian and Japanese (among many others). We also translate into English from that same wide range of languages.


Vedia Translations works hard to provide complete, accurate, and correct translations to the best knowledge of our skilled translators. In the event that the customer is unhappy with the translation, the customer can provide a detailed description of the issues or possible problems and Vedia Translations will strive to correct and proofread the translations. In the event that the translation still does not meet a customer’s approval, the customer can seek to have the price of the translation itself discounted or waived. Vedia Translations guarantees the correctness of translations but cannot exclude the possibility of inaccuracies due to human error. As a result, the Discloser will indemnify and save harmless the Recipient against all damages, losses, expenses, liabilities, demands and claims of whatever kind, including legal fees and costs resulting from incorrect translations. Vedia Translations cannot be held liable for any additional claims or damages beyond the cost of the translation itself. Liability will not extend the beyond the cost of the translations services order. In addition, Vedia Translations cannot be held responsible in any way for errors that occur as a result of inaccuracies, vagueness, ambiguities, or errors in the original document or instructions from the client.