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Need a Translation Fast? Get the Facts

Need a Translation Fast? Get the Facts

Inevitably, sometimes you need a translation completed at the last minute. You may be involved in a court case and may need a new document translated in time for the next court appearance, for example. You may have a business emergency that requires business documents to be translated quickly. Many translation companies, including Vedia Translations, offer rush services. However, as a consumer you need to carefully consider all the implications of rush service.

The reality is that translation is a time-consuming process, and there is no way to really speed up the process. A professional, full-time translator can translate between 2000 and 2500 words per working day, on average. In many cases, translation agencies use a statistic like this when setting rates. Any translation that requires more words than a translator can complete in a day is usually changed an additional or rush fee, as a rush translation requires the translator to work extra hours, increasing the overall cost of the translation.

In situations where a translation needs to be completed on a very tight deadline, there are in fact a few options:

1) Complete the translation at a regular rate but have the translation late;

2) Have one translator complete the translation on time;

3) Have several translators working on the translation to complete it by the deadline.

Each approach has its advantages and drawbacks. If you need a translation completed by a specific time, you have the option of having one translator work around the clock to complete a translation. The advantage of this approach is that the final product will be congruent and consistent, as it will be translated by one professional. The main disadvantage is that the translator will need to charge additional fees for the many hours of work and the stress of the assignment. Additionally, the translator will typically have less time for editing the final product in rushed assignments.

Another option is to have several translators working on an assignment at once. Initially, this may seem to be the less expensive option, since several translators working together can charge the typical (non-rush) rate. However, when several translators work together, a reviser and editor are often needed to go through the final product in order to ensure that the final product is consistent. Since different translators may use different nuances and have different vocabularies, the reviser is needed to ensure that the final product is coherent and congruent. This can add to the time or the cost of completing a translation as well.

The truth is that having additional time to complete a translation allows a professional translator the freedom to do the best job possible. In cases where a translation must be completed on a tight deadline, it is imperative to understand the different options possible and to discuss the options available with your translation agency. Vedia Translations, for example, never rejects assignments and is willing to find a solution for you, no matter what your needs are. All you need to do is to communicate with Vedia Translations about your needs and expectations when you call.