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Choosing Between Freelance Translators and Translation Services

Choosing Between Freelance Translators and Translation Services

Clients who need translations of important documents have two general choices: freelance translators and translation services. Freelance translators advertise widely online and sometimes offer discount prices, but in many cases there are advantages to selecting professional translation services for your needs.

Unlike individual translators, translation agencies hire teams of professional translators. This ensures that your documents are reviewed by several eyes, which reduces errors and produces more reliable copy. Multiple translators at translation agencies also mean faster turn-around times, even on larger projects. As well, translation services can help you find the most qualified translator possible. You can pick and choose a Korean to English translator, for example, who is not only familiar with the language, but also has linguistic and translation training and education as well as experience with a specific industry. If you need legal documents translated from English to Spanish, for example, by working with a translation agency your document will generally be translated by a highly trained translator with legal experience. Plus, translation services usually take pains to find and train qualified translators who have extensive experience and a high
level of professionalism.

In fact, this selection process is one of the most important factors when selecting a professional translation agency. The average client does not know exactly how to test or vet a freelance translator. In fact, even after a completed translation, it is difficult for the average customer to evaluate the accuracy or reliability of the translation. Professional translation services, on the other hand, are staffed by language experts and can hire and evaluate the most qualified translators. The translators at Vedia Translations, for example, go through an extensive and thorough process to assess their qualifications, ensuring that Vedia Translation clients get the the best product possible.

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