Did Industry Lose it's Way?

When the industrial revolution took hold in Britain, it caused uproar throughout the land because people envisaged machines doing the jobs that they had trained hard for years to attain a competence in and could make a decent wage doing so. Even those who struggled to make ends meet because they worked in sweatshops were suddenly out of work because it was still cheaper to buy a machine once and pay one person to manage it than to pay a hundred people to work and pay someone to manage them.

If They Knew then what We Know Now

For anyone working in a mill or a blacksmiths back then, it would be impossible to comprehend the changes to manufacturing that have taken place in the last 150 or 160 years. Suffice to say, there are factories around more advanced than those that had existed in a science fiction novel of the day. Despite the socio-economic changes that came about with mass production, the benefits that it has brought enable us to live a better quality of live than ever before.

Even as far back as the fifties, it was common for people to know someone or have someone in their families who had lost their lives in an industrial accident. However, today we hardly hear of such events and when we do, they are national news. The process of mass production allows people working at a station in their place of work to repeat a process and become incredibly efficient at doing so over a period-of-time. The fact that someone does a select number of jobs or if we are to be accurate, observes a machine performing a set number of jobs, means that we have more time to analyse the process and reduce risk to almost zero. Nearly every accident in work is down to human error and often a failure to follow previously recognised safety procedures.

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Health and Safety A Standalone Industry

The fact that health and safety has been a major problem in years gone by was noticed by the powers that are responsible for workers in the UK. That is why the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), which regulates health and safety in the workplace, has been responsible for starting and industry of it's own. It is because of the complex nature of all aspects of health and safety that companies such as Neatcrown Corwen use outsourced health and safety experts for all their training needs. It is the safest way to ensure that employees receive the best protection and training at all times. It also doubles as a safety net for insurers because they can provide independent proof that the company has been exemplary in their obligations to staff.

So Have we Lost Our Way?

It would not seem so. Although manufacturing and packaging heavily involve machinery and we have seen more than 150 years go by since the industrial revolution, machines are still only as good as the people who operate them. Now that working conditions are always improving, especially in the western world, surely the introduction of machinery has meant huge improvements in the quality of life of people who work with them. Accidents at work are at an all-time low and that has to be a step in the right direction.

Are People Still Bitter?

The answer to whether or not people still feel bitter when they see another machine entering a place of work is strange. It seems to have gone full-circle. In the past, there would have been complaints about job losses, but these days most people welcome new machinery as a sign of investment in a business and increased job security.

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