Don't forget about your website

There are a lot of websites for every industry. Most companies put together a website and forget it. Often the owner's son will make the company website in a few hours one day, post it online and then the company will forget it. Some companies go another route and outsource their website to an expensive web designer. They end up with an amazing website with tons of information and beautiful graphics. Sometimes these companies take the time to keep updating the website, and sometimes they don't.

In either case, these strategies ignore one of the most powerful uses of a website NEW CLIENTS. If you are a construction company and no one can find your website unless they type your companies exact name into google, you are literally throwing money into the trash. Think about how people used to find construction companies twenty years ago. People depended on word of mouth for information, or they just looked in the yellow pages. Well google is the new way people do both of these things. The websites that appear at the top of listings are companies that google respects and people almost NEVER go past the top ten listings in google. In fact more than 80% of people will click on the very first website to pop up.

That website could be you. You could be getting dozens of new leads, every week. All because you hired an SEO professional someone who's sole duty is to help you make a LOT more money. Why wouldn't you want to be part of a project like that? Just think you can leverage the website you've already put together. Hiring an SEO firm costs a few dollars in the short term, but will pay off MASSIVELY in the long term.

And in this economy, who doesn't want more business?

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Posted in Business Service Post Date 11/12/2015